Parallel Dreams [CD]

One of the most successful independent releases ever in McKennitt's native Canada, the self-produced 1989 album Parallel Dreams is also her first recording to feature the artist's own lyrical contributions. From the poignant traditional ballad Annachie Gordon to the fiery Native American/Celtic fusion of Huron Beltane Fire Dance to the evocative tale of a child's yearning for home in Dickens Dublin (The Palace), Loreena's third recording shows a marked evolution beyond the realm of traditional Celtic music and heads down the road on an eclectic musical journey.
  1. Samain Night
  2. Moon Cradle
  3. Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance
  4. Annachie Gordon
  5. Standing Stones
  6. Dickens' Dublin (The Palace)
  7. Breaking The Silence
  8. Ancient Pines